The PIRC Coalition Urges CMS to Adhere to the IRA’s Principles and Require its Vendors to Allow Patients Enrollment in the Smoothing Program Right from the Pharmacy Counter on Day One

The PIRC Coalition responds to CMS’ Request for Information (RFI) on contracting with vendors to ensure access to IRA negotiated drugs.  While much of the RFI addressed technical issues with manufacturers, PIRC saw an opportunity to highlight to CMS that these same vendors could and should be expected to make it easier for patients to enroll in the ‘smoothing’ program right at the pharmacy counter on Day 1 of the program.

The intent of the IRA is focused on patients and their high cost of drugs.  The vendors hired by CMS will be expected to handle significant amounts of data and ensure technology supports information exchange to implement this program.  Those same data and technological expertise should ensure patients can, from the beginning, access the ‘smoothing’ program right from the pharmacy counter when they’re picking up their prescription. 

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